Full Comparison Report: Norton vs Avast

The number of viruses and other malware able to infect your PC and pocket gadgets continues growing year after year. This means, it is necessary to use antivirus solutions. If you don’t want to spend a lot for premium versions, it is strictly recommended to go in for at least free options provided by respected companies. They can protect not only your PC, but also defend your digital activities to save your private data from theft.

Of course, infected files can cause severe damage to your computer and even life. For instance, they can steal your confidential info, injure other software solutions that might be critical for your job, cause a PC malfunction and get into payment info to allow hackers use it to take your funds away from the account. In this Norton vs Avast review, we’ll check two propositions by leading antivirus software creation companies to find out which one is better and why.

How to Choose

Norton Antivirus (aka Norton Symantec) and Avast are both famous antivirus development companies. They offer different security packages (plans) for you to choose and guarantee digital protection.

Due to the variety of options, it is sometimes difficult to pick the software brand and plan suiting your PC and needs. This comparison will tell you about the functions and safety instruments included into Avast and Norton propositions. Additionally, you’ll find out how two solutions influence the system performance and protect your data. The comparison also takes into account the price of Avast and Norton licenses and multiple additional factors.

Comparison: Norton vs Avast

Zero-day attacks are among the greatest threats nowadays. Both Avast and Norton spent a lot of their funds and time to R&D activities to create their protection instruments. The behavior screen of Avast monitors the installed software for potential danger. In a turn, Norton uses two of their proprietary protocols – Sonar and Proactive Exploit Protection – to reveal anything suspicious in the system it defends.

Two solutions received the top marks on detection speeds. Still, what distinguishes them is the variety and specialty of additional instruments.

Norton is able to provide protection from a variety of harmful apps including ransomware programs and phishing attacks. The company also offers the free parental control option along with other functions like:

  • Two-side firewall;
  • Auto-updating;
  • Reserve cloud data backup.

Apart from that, they use the innovative crowdsourcing concept to reveal features of certain files. This data allows speeding the scanning process up significantly.

On the other side, there is Avast with the website inspection solution and the secured password storage. They also have the unique webcam protection module preventing hackers from accessing your smartphone, laptop or PC camera. Avast also offers a wider choice of protection packages, so you can choose and pay only the functions that are necessary. 


Norton and Avast have pretty similar prices, so their main difference lies in the additional functionality you might need. Norton offers an outstanding safety option for your home computer with multiple users. Avast is a better option if you need to work a lot when on the go and require additional protection against possible public Wi-Fi threats. Norton also provides the opportunity to buy additional safety modules and instruments. However, they’ll cost you extra money.

That’s it. What you choose here is your call.

Good luck, and stay protected!

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