Best Free Antivirus Protection for Windows 10 of 2020

Windows Defender is the standard antivirus app provided by Microsoft for all licensed Windows 10 PC’s. Without a doubt, it is a solid protection solution, able to prevent multiple malware agents from infiltrating into your private digital space while working in the background and remaining unnoted. Many users think that Windows Defender is quite enough to protect their systems, others like additional options included in programs by alternative developers.

Here we offer 3 apps providing best free antivirus protection for Windows 10 of 2020 aside of a standard Windows Defender.

Top Solution: Avast Free Antivirus

Avast Free Antivirus is the leader of our list of free solutions. It offers enough options not always included in premium versions of other basic apps. The VPN service can hide your location and IP address while you surf the Internet. This means, advertising trackers will have it more challenging to show you targeted ads or to sell your online activity history. Avast also has the password manager keeping your passwords, logins and email addresses safe.

Online and offline gamers will like the gaming mode built into the Avast app. It automatically closes all unnecessary system processes after you launch any game to give a PC more resources to run it. The antivirus stops showing popups that can irritate you while gaming. Nevertheless, your system remains protected.

As this Avast version is free, the app contains enough ads and premium upgrade requests. While you don’t use the gaming mode, such signals may cause sudden performance losses and be irritating.

Best Basic Option: Bitdefender Antivirus Free

The only reason for Bitdefender Antivirus Free Edition not to become a leader is the lack of additional options and plugins that make Avast stand out from the crowd that much. Still, Bitdefender is a very reliable and resource-friendly solution. The user won’t notice lags or shutters when this product will work to protect their system. In case you don’t really need a VPN, password manager or gaming mode, Bitdefender is your best basic option.

It is impressively effective in blocking malware files even before you start downloading them. The most part of threats gets wiped out from the drive without even getting trapped into quarantine zones.

Just like all other free antivirus solutions, Bitdefender has popup ads trying to convince you buy the premium version. Still, it is not too intrusive or irritating when speaking of Bitdefender. The biggest disappointment is that the system scanning is way too time-taking. Bitdefender might be scanning your drives and files up to 3 times slower than solutions offered by competitors.

The Easiest Way: Kaspersky Security Cloud Free

It is another excellent antivirus solution we can recommend to use as a home protector. Kaspersky is fast, and does not cause performance drops when installed and used. Even the deep scanning allows you continue working with the PC.

In our tests, Kaspersky caught all the malware threats. The agent had some troubles while recognizing some dangerous websites used to spread malware apps. Keeping in mind the fact that the probability for the user to visit those sites on purpose is low, Kaspersky is a solid guarantee of PC protection and health.

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