Large Indoor Dog Crates Review

Any dog ​​that lives for a long time on the street needs a special place where it can feel comfortable. This area should have a fence and the necessary amenities so that, if necessary, the animal has the opportunity to sleep, play and hide from the weather. To organize a space suitable for these purposes, it is enough to build an aviary for the dog, which will meet all its needs. All about this, you can find in large indoor dog crates review.

Why you should buy a dog crate?

Dogs of medium and large sizes live outside. Animals of small breeds are less hardy and need home maintenance.

A street crate for a dog is necessary in the following cases:

  • The size of the animal does not allow it to be kept in the house – experts recommend constructing crates for Bernese Mountain Dogs, mastiffs, and other large breeds.
  • The need for temporary isolation of the animal – at the time of construction work in the courtyard of the house or case of the arrival of guests there is a need to protect the animal.
  • Keeping a guard dog – if the animal serves as a guard, the crate serves as the home for a dog living in the yard. This structure will protect your pet from rain, snow, and wind.

What kind of crates does the pet store offer

Designs of dog crates are:

  • Temporary
  • Closed
  • Capital

 The area reserved for keeping the dog is fenced with a net or fence. To equip the internal space, a booth is installed and flooring is formed. Such enclosures do not have a roof since the animal is in them temporarily.

Closed structures are classified as intermediate structures. For convenience, a floor is formed inside and a booth is placed. This type of enclosure is considered partially insulated since on three sides the territory for walking is enclosed by solid walls. The fourth surface has the form of a lattice to leave the animal the opportunity to observe what is happening in the yard.

Common mistakes when building a dog crate and expert advice

Do not save on materials, especially for fasteners and amplifiers. The design must be strong and reliable. It is not recommended to use slats, jibs, and similar materials to strengthen the walls. A large dog will break such a structure once.

When developing a project, do not go deep into the design. Decor that people enjoy will create inconvenience to the animal. It is highly undesirable to use forged elements and other decorations that can become a source of injury to the animal. A dog’s head or paw can easily get stuck in metal curls, which will entail a fracture and other unpleasant consequences. The enclosure should be installed so that the dog has a view and can control the situation.

It is undesirable to have a flower garden, an alpine hill or a flower bed in the vicinity of an aviary. Flowering plants secrete aldehydes and ethylene. These substances cause irreparable harm to the health of the dog, violating its scent.

For the construction of enclosures, which are made by hand, any improvised materials can be used. On the network, you can find a lot of visual photos and videos with detailed descriptions of the technologies for creating these structures. Following these instructions and the advice of professionals, you can create a beautiful and comfortable enclosure in the yard, which will become a wonderful home for the dog and protect it from the weather.

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