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  • The Scanguard report states that the user had some problems with this program. It works fine, but the Windows Defender periodically notifies you about this program. I think there is nothing special, but it is plaguing the user.


  • According to another review of this web page, they did not like this program. The process is slow, and there are definitely several compatibility issues with Windows Defender that have not been tested on other devices.


  • As stated in another review that the users also had problems with the Scanguard antivirus. The interface has many links and buttons. It’s too confusing and too complicated about their performance improvement tools.


  • Maybe it’s new, it works. Reviewers tried many antivirus programs. He always had annoying adware. This antivirus test by Scanguard does not mention that the program removes advertising and malware easily. Installed it in a few seconds and deleted all the annoying commercials.


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  • According to the review of, Scanguard is one of the best product out there, according to him, he can break easily, and he does not want to get rid of them. It’s nice to see a truly independent view of their security instead of faking their security systems that appear on so many websites.


  • As stated in another review of this web page, that they did not notice. She applied for the Scanguard, and she installed on another device, but after reading the Scanguard review, she reworked and thanked the team, but she is confused about a good and credible program that will be installed on all the family devices can.


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  • According to the review of that their users are pleased with the package that has paid 58 Gbps for this year using Scanguard, and now he had a message from PayPal stating that they want to get 118 Gbps for this year. According to him, he does not like automatic submarines and their rude and fast ways to turn people off.


  • He received the best customer service ever. Moreover, he said that the customer service was beneficial and patient with him. They also answered all my questions and confirmed that everything was all right.


  • As stated in another review of this web page that the customer service was amiable and helped him set up an antivirus program and a regular scan. He found it the cheapest option, and he’s now relieved.


  • The excellent customer service from the team behind Scanguard. Many questions asked from him and their customer support team answered every issue.


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  • According to the review of web page, that he bought Scanguard a year ago for £58 (about $77) and was very happy with the package. Recently, he received a message from PayPal that they would take £118 ($156) from him. So, he canceled his subscription. As stated in the review, he does not think they should charge old customers twice as much as new customers.


  • As stated in another review of Scanguard testers were quite satisfied with Scanguard. There were some issues (mostly tracking cookies) that could not identify other software he used previously. The scan is a bit slow but has many useful features. He has used most of them before, but with Scanguard it’s handy to press a button, which is excellent. They liked the software to stop in the background until he decides to activate it.