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  • ExpressVPN Review from
  • According to another review of review, he is using ExpressVPN on android for over a year. He has switched from PIA to improve speed and never look back. According to reviewer among all VPNs, ExpressVPN is the fastest he has tried. The reviewers used it on both Windows and Android, and he has never encountered a connectivity issue with previous versions of Android clients. It’s always stable for him, and he did not disconnect either Windows or the Android device.
  • As it is stated in the review that he just switched from IPVanish to ExpressVPN a few days ago. So far, the reviewer is impressed with the general acceleration and access to Netflix (which was missing in IPVanish). It will take a little more time to compare these two components accurately, but we will clarify the benefits in this very preparatory phase.
  • According to the review, the user said that he lives in the US, and CyberGhost VPN is for him the best compromise between price and quality. According to him, he’s not a torrent fan, and it will not bother him.
  • It is a pretty useless VPN because CyberGhost’s torrent in the US is currently unavailable. Besides, they store connection logs and who says it does not save more data for us?
  • As stated in another review of this web page, this is an affordable solution. Still, it costs much money, and not everyone can buy it. The users can download CyberGhost and use the 7-day trial.
  • CyberGhost Secure VPN is the first choice on Android of another client because, at high speeds, the server is always ready to release content with geographic restrictions. The support is not perfect, but sometimes it waits a few hours, even if it does not take a few days.
  • NordVPN Review from &
  • According to the review of, the easy setup Integrates perfectly on Android including other platforms. It’s fast, reliable and customizable if you sign up for one year at unbeatable prices. A wonderful service! According to the user, he will keep trying. For those who complain about being paid and have a free VPN client, only if they do not pay, they are not their customer.
  • According to another reviewer, he has been using this in his Samsung device in recent weeks, mainly because he wanted to make his connection on the London public subway network safe. According to him, there were times when it was necessary to disable the VPN and use only the device they have because the connection is very slow. Unfortunately, the VPN connection is permanent, and although the mobile-only connection is enabled when using Wi-Fi, the link is migrated to mobile data. However, this is so bad that the retrieval of messages is delayed.
  • As stated in the review of web page that the ISP is a greedy and dishonest company (unfortunately like many other companies), and he is pleased that it’s possible to maximize the profit at the expense of customer safety and privacy. They hope to protect themselves while buying this VPN using the Android while making it a bit more difficult. This VPN has worked very well so far. If something has changed, he will update his rating.
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